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About St. Peter Street Clinic

St. Peter Street Clinic is an independent medical practice, small business clinic, practicing the scope of internal medicine. Internal medicine serves patients between the ages of 15 and 105 with medical problems. It is a primary care clinic. It offers vaccinations, medications refills, and works with pharmacies, home care agencies, public agencies, medical suppliers, and coordinates care for patients within the community. Learn more about us >


There is an underground public ramp on exchange street, between St. Peter Street and Wabasha (map to ramp) with skyway access to the Gallery Professional Building, as well as on-street parking that surrounds the building. A drop-off for people with limited mobility is found directly in front of the building on St. Peter Street.

Note: If you choose to park in the underground ramp, take the elevator labeled "To Condominiums" up to the second floor. Our offices are to the right and down the first hallway to the Gallery Professional Building.

Also Note: We do not validate ramp parking.